Upflowy 101: How to use Upflowy in 5 minutes

This article is a crash course on Upflowy to help new users quickly understand what we can do.

First of all, welcome to Upflowy! 🚀 This article goes through the basics of how we can get a flow up and running for you, quickly.

Make a flow in under 5 minutes (Video)

More of a reader? Follow these steps to publish a flow within 5 minutes:

First Steps

🎨 Designing a flow to look like Upflowy

Adding in steps

✏️ Editing Steps

🚀 Publishing a flow!

First steps:

You'll need to create a new flow by clicking on "Create New Flow" in your "My Flows" page, and choose a template after that.

Create New Flow:

In the

You can select a template and click "Use this template", or select "Start from Scratch".

Select a Template:

🎨 Editing the design

Once you select a template, you'll see your flow with "Theme Settings" on the left. Here is where you can make changes to your design.

Three quick steps to creating

Changing Colour 2 to your main colour

Changing the primary and secondary font to your font

Adding in a logo

There are many other changes that you can make, but these will give you a head start! I'll give you an example using Upflowy branding:

Changing Colour 2 to #8f44dc

Changing the font to Montserrat

Adding in the Upflowy logo


➕Adding in steps

By clicking on the + buttons, you will get an option to add in steps, (or logic splits or A/B tests - that's Upflowy 202!)

You can also add in steps when you are editing a step:

This way, you can create the experience that you're looking for.


✏️ Editing Steps

To edit any step, click on it, and we'll take you to the step view. You'll see components on the left that you can drag n drop into your form.


When you drag n drop a component in, you'll see the left side change to the traits of that component. This is where you can change the the component to ask exactly what you're looking for.

Publish your flow!

Congratulations! You now know how to build an Upflowy experience! Let's click on "Publish" in the top right hand corner. It'll immediately take you to the Analytics tab, which is where you'll see step-by-step data once people start going through your flow. Share it, and watch your analytics come in!