How to replace (or hide) the Upflowy logo in a flow

Don't want the logo bar at the top? No problem, here's how you can

How to add a logo

To replace a logo with your own, go to the "Design" tab and click on "Logo":

Click on "Upload new logo" and add in the logo of your choice. The logo will appear and will be present for all desktop experiences. To change the logo in mobile versions, click on "Colour 2" and upload another logo.

How to hide a logo

If you find the logo bar at the top doesn't fit in with what you had in mind, that's no problem! here's how you can get rid of it to create something that's exactly what you have in mind.

Drag an "Embed Component" into your flow. There will be a code snippet that appears on the left-hand side:

Replace what is in the code-snippet with the below code:

<script> (() => { const logos = document.querySelectorAll('.logoBlock,.UP_logoContainer'); logos.forEach(logo => logo.parentElement.removeChild(logo)) })() </script>

You'll see that the logo and the block that it's in disappears from both the desktop view and the mobile view:

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