How to make a quiz in Upflowy

Want to make a quiz? Assign points, calculate the result and return the answer to your customer.

To make quizzes in Upflowy, we would recommend that you use the Mulitple Choice component, which you can find on our components page:

multiple choice

Drag n drop the Multiple Choice component into your step. To make this a quiz, we'll be using mainly the "Options" that you see, including the "Display" and "Value" fields:

multiple choice menu

In the "Display", enter all of your possible answers so that they appear as answers within your step. In the "Value" column, add a 1 to the correct answer and a 0 to all incorrect answers. In the example below, "The Eiffel Tower" is correct, so I have placed a 1 in its value column:

Continue adding in questions, following the same pattern, until you have added all your questions. For ease, label your IDs as "question_1", "question_2", and so on.

Once your questions are set up with the correct values assigned, sign into your Make account. Create a new scenario and create a custom webhook, and label the Webhook for easy identification:

Make webhooks

Now, go back to your flow and copy that webhook into the data connection of your last question before the display result page

. Toggle off "Async" and click Save.

Now, previous your whole flow and go through all of the questions. Once complete, Make will identify that a connection has "successfully determined":

Click OK. Now, add in a math module:

Click on all questions, and separate them with a + symbol:

Click OK. Now add a third module (another webhook), and this time choose Webhook response:

In the Body of the webhook response, type the below:


Where the first 'result' is the name of the output and the '2. result' denotes the output you get from the 'Math' function.

Please make sure you click on the advanced settings and copy-paste the 'Key' and 'Value' as shown in the picture above.

You can change "result" to any word of your choice - just ensure it's the same in your flow!

Click OK. Now, return to your Upflowy flow and add a final step to your flow. To pull through the result from your quiz, add in:


Now, you are good to go! Set your flow and the Make scenario live, and enjoy your new quiz!