The Input Component: What it does and how to use it

What you can use the input component for, and how you can customize it

An input component is the most common way users can type responses to a question you have asked in your form!

First, drag n drop the below icon into your step:

Input Component Icon

Once you drag n drop the input component into your step, the left-hand toolbar will change to display all of the traits of the component:

Input Component Menu

These traits are what you can edit to personalize your input. You can:

  • Change the answer type to 'Email', and your end users would need to enter text in the email format otherwise, they wouldn't proceed.

For example, you might be asking for their email. Finding all of the answers under "email" as the ID would be easier to understand than finding them under "input_90dra".


Input Component Options

  • Change the question you are asking (and whether it appears at all)
  • Add in a description to add context to the question
  • Change the placeholder of the text
  • Select whether this input is required to proceed
  • Select the type of answer you are expecting to set up validation for it
  • (e.g. if "Number" is selected, any answer that is not a number will not count as a valid answer)
  • Any regex (to match for specific patterns)
  • A Validation error to show if the input doesn't match the answer type