How to set up a logic split in Upflowy

How conditional logic can be used in Upflowy to lead the customers to different steps in a flow.

What is a logic split?

A logic split or conditional logic allows you to personalize what experience your customer goes through based on:

Information that they have provided through the flow

Information that has been sent on through Upflowy

Using a logic split, you can redirect your customers to different experiences.

Let's see how this works in Upflowy!

How to create a logic split

Below, you will see that "Place" is the ID for the question "Where are you from?".


To add a logic split, click on the '+' button and 'Add Logic Split'.

You will then see a modal appear, where you can set the terms of your logic split. The first dropdown (Key) will have a list of options under:

Form IDs: IDs that you have already set up within your flow

User Data: Data gained from factors such as IP Addresses

Select "Place".

The middle column is called the operator, where you can set up your logic. These changes are based on the type of component:

The last column shows all possible results that were added to the "Place" component.

Select an option, and click "Save". Congratulations - you've set up a logic split! You'll see your logic split appear in your flow: one for the logic split you created and one for every other scenario (also known as an ELSE logic split):

Adding in more logic splits

Once the conditions are set and the corresponding flows are set, you can still go on adding more conditions by clicking on the '+' next to the IF statement. You can also duplicate all the steps you had with your previous IF statement and make some changes.

You can add as many logic splits as you like.