How to add parameters from your flow to your redirect URL

How to add parameters from your flow to your redirect URL.

If you wish to carry the information of your user (attributes) captured from the flow to another redirect URL, follow the following steps.

First, click the toggle on the last step of your flow to enable the redirect URL.

Now, to include parameters from your flow, all you have to do is to include the following format to your URL,


This means 'IdQuestionA' is the ID of the parameter that came from question A and so on, and by following this, those parameters are stored. You can name the question however you wish to; only the ID matters.



Now, let's consider that a sample flow has 'first_name', 'last_name' and 'email' as the ID names we capture from the flow that you wish to pass through the URL,

All you have to do is include '{{first_name}}&lastname={{last_name}}&email={{email}}' at the redirect URL section, and all those IDs(parameters) will be tracked when the users go to that specific URL.



Go through the flow and enter the above details. You will automatically see the redirect URL change to '' along with the user being redirected to the desired destination.

This means the information is captured and sent along with the URL instead of sending it to an external source or an API.