Release 22.2.8 - Pre-populating fields, Hidden Inputs, Bug Fixes

Released on 8th September, 2022

New Features

🆕 Pre-populating text fields

You can now use external data in more places to do more things like:

  • Be personal: Use a segment or HubSpot session ID to change the flow based on interests of a lead
  • Be helpful: Use what you already know about visitor to prepopulate information
  • Be unique: Use what you know about people to go down different branches (ie nursing students vs engineering students)
  • Be progressive: Use progressive profiling theories to ask new questions, rather than old questions you already know the answers to

🆕 New component: Hidden inputs

Help power your internal processes and systems by including internal metadata alongside flow answers as hidden fields. You can use this new features to power things like:

Internal fields: Passing through the information that your existing systems or team need to process submissions, but you don’t want your user to see

Campaign metadata: Pass through campaign details like where the customer loaded your flow (from your website or from social media)

Learn more about Hidden inputs


🐞 Bug Fixes

💅Cosmetic Improvements