How to embed an Upflowy flow in a GoDaddy website

In the Website Builder, click on "Add Section":

Search "HTML", and click on "Add" on the content component on the right:

Then, go back to your Upflowy flow. Copy the embed code that you'll find in Upflowy's integration tab:

Go back to your GoDaddy Website Builder, and click on your new custom HTML component. A "custom code" code will appear on the right hand side:

In the "custom code" box, copy-paste your Upflowy code. Additionally, add in the lines including the width and the height to customize how it looks on your page:



Here's an example of what your code should look like below:

Then, you will start to see your flow appear on the page:

Congratulations! You now have a full-page embedded flow within GoDaddy!