How to set up an A/B test in Upflowy

How you can set up A/B testing in Upflowy and how it can be used

A/B testing is a way to compare two versions of a single variable, typically by testing your customers' responses to variant A against variant B and determining which of the two variants was more effective. A/B tests are helpful for understanding user engagement and satisfaction with online features like a new feature or product.

In Upflowy, you can enable A/B testing by clicking on the '+' before or after any step.

Clicking on the 'Add A/B test' button will lead you to the A/B test menu, where you can set up your variants. You will default see two variants with 50% Traffic Allocation each.

You can set different names and Traffic Allocation (changes to one will automatically change the percentage of the other) to the Variations tailored to your requirements.

By clicking on 'Save,' you will enable the flow to go in two ways (if there are two variants), and the overall user traffic will be redirected appropriately.

You can have up to 5 variations in your A/B testing in Upflowy, and adding one more variation to the existing set-up will automatically change the traffic allocation overall unless manual figures are added in.

Once you set up the A/B testing variations, you can set up the steps below every variation to direct your customers to a new experience on each variation.

The best part of using A/B testing in Upflowy is understanding how it has performed, the drop-off rate for each variation, and how it can be improved. This is visible when you publish the flow and users go through the variations.

Overall, A/B testing is a super helpful function in Upflowy! It enables the user to test out different variations, understand how every variation performs, and make changes to it.