How to display data from a third-party data source

How we can pull through data from a third-party API to display within your Upflowy flow.

With Upflowy, you get the ability to pull data from outside sources and print them on your flows automatically through an API connection.

This way, you can display dynamic text on your flows and keep the information updated without needing to change and publish the flow again.

Using synchronized connections, you can refresh the data in your database; without updating the flow, your visitors will always get the correct information.

Setting up synchronized data connection (step-by-step tutorial)

1: Click on the 'Connectors' tab and select the step from which you want to get the input data. You can also click on the step, and inside the step editor, you can click on the 'data' tab and paste the URL.

2: After selecting the step, paste the URL of the API endpoint.  This can be your own database or any database that has all the information that you want to be displayed in the flow.

3: Make sure the 'Async' is turned off. Asynchronous connection means that our system won't wait for the response of the third-party database, while with Synchronous connections, it does. In this case, as we would like to print text based on the database's response, we need to tell the system to wait until it gets the information.

Depending on the third-party database, this might result in a couple of seconds of delay.

4: You can then call the data from your source(third party) and display it in the next step by using '{{ }}' and 'data. attribute name where data stands for sync data, and attribute name can be the attribute name or ID you see from your source that you want to display.