How to embed your Upflowy flow into a Webflow page

Learn how to embed your Upflowy experience into a Webflow page.

As many website builders have their own behind-the-scenes rules around how certain elements look on your site, you might be surprised at how an Upflowy flow looks at first glance! Here is what happens if you simply embed the code - but never fear, we're here to help out.

First of all, copy the embed code that you'll find in Upflowy's integration tab:

Now, let's go into Webflow. Start off with a completely blank page - just the "Body" of the webpage.

Click the + icon on the left-side toolbar, and find the "Embed" component. Click the Embed component:

A block with "HTML Embed Code Editor" will appear. Copy-paste your Upflowy code into it, just before the "/>" in the code, add the below:



Click "Save and Close".

Now, on the right toolbar - go to "Position". Click on the dropdown next to "Position" and change the option from "Static" to "Fixed".

Now, click on the utmost-right icon to create a full-page display.

Congratulations! You now have a full-page embedded flow within Webflow!