How to make your flow's redirect URL open in a new tab (for embedded flows)

How to make your flow's redirect URL open in a new tab.

If you have embedded your flow into your website, and you want to redirect users to a different URL once they have finished the flow, you may see that users are only redirected within the embed and not entirely. To avoid this, follow the below steps.

First, click the toggle on the last step of your flow from "Close" to "Redirect", and add in your desired URL:

Also, check your flow's current specific URL. You can find this at the top of your flow - it is everything after

In the example below, it would be dari-personalized-url:

Now, let's update the code you originally embedded within your website!

Take a look at the following code. This will replace the existing iframe code you have already embedded, but first - you'll see a bit of code that says [REPLACE-THIS-CODE-HERE]:

<script> window.addEventListener('message', (e) => { if ( === 'upflowy-consumer-app') 
{ console.log('message',; 
if ( === 'REDIRECT') 
{, '_blank' ); 
    location.reload(); } } }); 
<iframe src="[REPLACE-THIS-CODE-HERE]?debug&mode=standalone&origin=[REPLACE-THIS-URL-HERE]" 
frameborder="0" style="width: 100%; min-height: 800px; background: transparent;" id="upflowyFlow" /> 

Replace [REPLACE-THIS-CODE-HERE] (including the braces) with the personalized bit of the URL you find in your flow (in the integrate tab).

Replaced the [REPLACE-THIS-URL-HERE] to be the URL where you would find your flow.

Now, you can happily redirect your users to the URL and have that opened in another tab while capturing the information they have entered.