How to include hidden fields in your Upflowy flow

Do you want extra data to pull through your Upflowy flow? Here's how!

To add in a hidden field, you'll need the "Embedded Content" component and a piece of code.

Add the embedded content into your step. It will come up as a blank square in your step:

Embedded Component

Change the code in the code snippet to the below:

<input name="hidden_field_name" value="my_naughty_secret" style="visibility:hidden;height:1px;min-height:1px;" />

Feel free to change the input name and value to suit your needs.

Once the code has been added in, the blank square is now smaller and will not take up too much space in your flow:

The hidden field won't be visible to customers going through your flow. However, it will now appear the developer tools, and data will be sent through the API when information is submitted:

Congratulations! Enjoy some hidden parameters going through your flow!