Text, Sub-Heading, and Heading, components: What they do and how to use them.

Text, heading, and sub-heading components: what they do and how to use them. It is used to provide context to your visitors.

Headings, sub-headings, and text can be used to provide context to your visitors. These components can be found when you click on a step under the 'Components' tab. You can drag these components to the step editor and can start typing.

Content Component List

The overall design of the text (like the colour, size, and font) can be set up on the 'Design' tab under the Typography section. You can have a specific colour for each type and an option of colour for displaying 'links' as well.

You can also make changes to the text by highlighting the text. Once highlighted, the below options appear above the flow:

Text Component Example

Using these, you can:

  • Make the text bold
  • Make the text italicized
  • Make the text underlined
  • Add in a link
  • Add in bullet points
  • Add in a numbered list
  • Change the alignment of the text
  • Copy-paste text from another source

There you go!! You are now an expert in adding content and context to your flows.