Download your data as a CSV

You can manually download the data that is submitted from your Upflowy flow.

Where is data collected?

Upflowy data is currently collected in the Analytics tab. You can download your data by clicking the "Download data as a CSV" button in the left-hand toolbox.

This will lead you to the below page:

After clicking "New Export", a line will appear that contains the data submitted through your form so far.

When you press "Download", a CSV will appear that contains:

  • Where the user entered the flow (e.g. first step)
  • A unique session ID (showing unique interactions with the flow within on session)
  • The trigger ID (which trigger the user clicked on to activate the flow)
  • All of the data submitted through the flow (linked to the ID of each question)
  • When the data entry was created
  • The flow's version ID
  • The step IDs of the flow (tracking which step the user was on)
  • The step type (tracking what action the user took on each step. e.g. submitted data or left flow)
  • The unique user ID (linking all data and actions to a specific user)
  • Whether the step was set up to a webhook