The Dropdown component: What it does and how to use it

How to add a question with dropdown options?

The dropdown component is used when you need to display a range of options that comes in a dropdown menu. You can add the component by drag n dropping the below icon into your step:

Dropdown component Icon

Once you drag n drop the dropdown component into your step, the left-hand toolbar will change to display all of the traits of the component:

Dropdown component Menu

In the dropdown component: you can:

  • Add in multiple options
  • Add in a "Default" selected option by clicking the checkbox next to an option.

Display vs Values

The display is what will be shown in your flow.

The value is what will be saved in your data.

By default, the display and the value are the same! However, you can change the value by clicking on the value input and changing it.

Dropdown added to a flow