The Content Cards component: What it does and how to use it

How to improve your content by using Cards

Content cards are great for users looking to add context with images and text. They are content components, so they can't be interacted with by customers.

You can add the component by drag n dropping the below icon into your step:

Content Cards Component

Once you drag n drop the content cards component into your step, the left-hand toolbar will change to display all of the traits of the content cards component:

Content Cards Menu

In traits, you can change:

Layout: Order the cards in columns or rows, and toggle the placement of the images and text:


Layout options

Min width of card: This is generally used to change the width of each card displayed in the flow.

# of cards per row: This defines the number of cards you see in one row.

Text Alignment: Set your text as left-aligned, centre-aligned or right-aligned.

Within each card, you can edit:

  • The image within the card
  • The title of the card
  • The description text

You can add as many cards as you want and have them define how you want to showcase more about your organisation/products.