How to add a default value to your Input component

How to add a default value to your Input component that is already available when the end user goes through the flow.

If you wish to add a default value to your input component, follow the steps below.

Go to any flow step and drag the input component to the step editor.

Click on the component inside the step editor so that the below menu appears on the left.

Manually add default value:

In the above menu, in the section DefaultValue, enter any value that you wish to be displayed by default as an input. This can be text, number, email, or URL that you manually type in the Default value section.

If defaultvalue has a {{variable}} added in, it will pre-fill with the name of the variable

e.g. if I add in {{banana}} as a default value and can't pick up on any variable with the same name, the flow will show "banana" filled it

It may show a blank screen if an expected default value is incorrect or not present.

Call back Data:

You can also add the moustache {{ }} function to the default value to pull in data that you have picked from the customer before.

E.g., You can pull the first name data that you have already asked from the customer and have that displayed using {{first_name}} in a later step as the default value to make it easier for your customer.


External Data:

You can also add external data that you have gathered from other sources to be displayed as a default using the moustache function and using '{{data.attributename}}' where 'data.' is a constant and the attribute name is the ID name that you are pulling from the external source.

The below video clip explains how an external source can be used to display default information in an input field.