The Multiple Choice Component: What it does and how to use it

What you can use the multiple choice component for, and how you can customize it

The multiple-choice component is the most common way users can choose an option/s back to a question you have asked in your form! You can add the component by drag n dropping the below icon into your step:

Multiple choice Component Icon

Once you drag n drop the multiple choice component into your step, the left-hand toolbar will change to display all of the traits of the component:

Multiple choice Menu

All form components can:

  • Change the ID of the component
  • Change the question being asked (and whether a question appears at all)
  • Add in a description to add context to the question
  • Select whether your customers must answer this question to proceed
  • Specific to the multiple-choice, you can:
  • Select whether your customers can select multiple options or a single option
  • Add in extra options by selecting "Add Option."

  • Change the display (what customers see as the answers) and the value (what is stored in your data). These are the same as the default.

  • Add in an "Other" option that gives your customers the option to add in free text.

  • Change how the multiple choice looks.

When "Select multiple?" is unticked, you will have a choice between tags and radio buttons:

When "Select multiple?" is ticked, you will have a choice between rats and checkboxes:


  • Change the layout of how the multiple choice options appear in your flow: