How to personalize your URL

How you can personalize the URL link to your flow.

Every flow has a unique URL, so you can easily share your flows! As soon as a flow is created, you will see a URL in the trigger bar below:


A personalized URL is automatically generated based on the name you give your flow (in the top left-hand corner).

Once you click the "Edit" button on the URL, the below modal appears:

Here, you can type in what you'd like the URL to be! The tick to the right will pop up as soon as it's confirmed.

Once a flow is published, you can use this link to send it to your customers. You can change this link at any time.

What happens if I change my link and a customer clicks the old one?

Don't worry! Each flow has a unique set of letters in the URL that can't be changed before you can personalize the URL.

This means the URL will always be redirected back to the relevant flow, even if an old URL is used. Personalization is simply there to make the purpose of your flow clear to your customers.