Send upflowy data to a CRM using Zapier

How to send Upflowy data to your CRM using Zapier, a third-party integration tool.

In order to integrate your upflowy flow with Zapier, it's recommended that you have a flow that is ready to be published with all input IDs correctly named.

When you log in to Zapier, you'll see the below prompt asking you what two platforms you would like to connec to:

Ensure that the prompt on the left is "Webhooks by Zapier", and the prompt on the right is your CRM of choice.

When you select your preferred platform, a second line will appear that prompts to you enter what action you would like upon data being submitted through the upflowy form. For example, the one below shows that on receiving data, the ActiveCampaign CRM will update with the details submitted through upflowy's flow:

Once you are happy with your command, click on "Try It". You will then see the below page:

Copy the custom webhook URL that Zapier generated:

Take this custom webhook URL, and return to your upflowy flow. Click on the "Send Data" tab in the left-hand toolbox, and all of the steps should appear:

Open up the steps, and paste in the webhook URL into your first step:

Save each step. The exclamation logo in the corner should change to a tick, and the warning message should disappear:

Copy-paste the same URL into any other steps with data that you would like to integrate.

Now, in Zapier you will see that the next step is "Test Trigger":

To do this, go to the preview of your upflowy flow, and enter in information for each step. This is to send test data to Zapier:

Once complete, go back to Zapier and click "Test trigger". If the webhooks are set up correctly, the following page should appear:

Press continue. Next, you'll have to give permission for Zapier to access your CRM.

Once your details are confirmed, you will be able to press "Continue":

Now, you'll be able to ensure that the data submitted through upflowy goes to the right place.

To do this, simply click on each input. A list of information submitted through the test trigger will appear. Click on the piece of information that you want to be saved in each field: e.g. click "User ID" for the ID column and "First Name" for the Name column. This ensures that the data send through upflowy saves in the correct order:

Once you have mapped out the information adequately, Zapier will send a test to your CRM to ensure that you have set up your information correctly. If set up correctly, they will also confirm that the data sending was successful:

...and now, you're good to go! Turn on the Zap and enjoy sending your data straight to your CRM!