How to create nested flows

Chopping your flows up into smaller problems will let you solve complicated matters.

While there is no limit on how many conditional logics you can add to your flow, if you are embedding them into each other, the maximum number of layers you can create this way is 3.

If you are using flows to solve a more complicated problem, you might need more than this - and that's when nested flows come into play.

Instead of creating one flow, you can decompose it into multiple, smaller flows and use redirects at the endpoints to navigate between them.

Here is a quick example:

The steps of setting up nested flows:


  1. Create a parent flow as you usually would and add the conditional logic. You can set up as many IF statements as you would like to.
  2. For the branches that you would like to nest into the first one, create new (child) flows.

In the parent flow, where you would like to insert a child flow, add an endpoint and set it to redirect to a new page:

4. Add the child flows' URL to the URL to redirect at the end of the flow. 

5. Repeat this step as often as you like and enjoy your nested flow.