What counts as a data connection task?

A task is a unit of work performed when a recipe carries out an action, for example, when looking up or adding a record in a Google Sheets file. One data connector may involve multiple tasks, varying based on trigger data and recipe logic.

The following recipe steps count as tasks:

  • Actions like Search, Create, Update, Get, Upsert, Lookup, etc.: 1 task each
  • Actions in repeat (for each loop): 1 task each
  • Batch/bulk operations: Each operation counts as 1 task each
  • Triggers and trigger conditions: not counted as tasks
  • Control statements (If, Error monitor, stop): not counted as tasks
  • Calling a recipe successfully: 1 task

By default, all Upflowy plans include 500 data connection tasks per month, however, you are welcome to purchase more under your plan settings. To learn more, visit our pricing page.