Setting up Goals/Conversions in Google Analytics on Upflowy data

This article helps you understand how you can set up goals/conversions in GA on Upflowy data.

Initially, to track Upflowy events in Google Analytics(GA), you would have to save the tracking code that you find in GA into Upflowy in the 'Data' tab.

More instructions on setting up this can be found here.

Once you set up the Google Analytics tracking to your Upflowy flow and publish the flow to your users, multiple events are captured in Google Analytics from Upflowy.

In Google Analytics, these events are available in Behaviour->Events->Overview->Event actions.

Google Analytics Actions

All the Upflowy events will be named 'Upflowyflowlaunched', 'UpflowyflowyStepCompleted', etc.

To set up Goals, go to Admin->Goals to set up the Goal. (You would require administrator access)

Google Analytics Goal

As you can see, there are multiple ways you can set up these goals; we will go through them individually.


If you wish to identify the number of people who landed on a page, this is the best option to track it. You also have the funnel option to set up the users who came from a specific page.

Goal destination


This is the best option if you wish to know the number of users who spent a specific amount of time on the page. (additionally, you can set up values for each Goal)

Pages/Screen per Session:

This option is used to identify the number of users who went to multiple pages/screens of the website in one single session. You can verify each Goal by clicking on verify to check whether the numbers are matching for the set time.


This is the most helpful Goal you can set up if you are using Upflowy, as you can set up Upflowy events as a mark of completion of a goal. The Event Category and the Event action are found under the events (First pic).

I hope your marketing goals are fulfilled using Upflowy's GA tracking abilities.

Enjoy your analytics!