How to track your Upflowy flows with Google Analytics

Link up Upflowy with Google Analytics to track how far your customers go through an Upflowy flow.

To integrate Google Analytics, go to the "Send Data" tab on the left-hand toolbox:

You will see an input for your Google Analytics tracking code. Enter your "Universal Analytics" tracking ID (which you can find here), and click Save:

Congratulations! Once published, your flow will connect through to your Google Analytics, where you can see:

  • When every step has been completed
  • When a flow has been fully completed
  • What actions that users take (Submitting information, Exiting the flow, returning the previous step)

To view this, take your flow ID: the randomised letters and numbers after

Copy-paste this ID into your Google Analytics under Events > Pages. Click here for more information on Google Analytics events.

Enjoy your analytics!